the image of Siheung-dong(province) in the old times

The current name, Siheung, originates from the area around what is now Siheung-dong(province) located in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, which King Jangsu of Goguryeo Dynasty designated as Ingbeolno-hye during the on in the 63rd year of his reign(A.D. 475). But in terms of a territorial zone, its origin is Maesohol-hyeon and Janghanggu-hyeon, part of what is now Ansan and Incheon. Siheung City was designated on January 1, 1989, when Siheung-gun(county) was divided and promoted into three cities, Siheung, Gunpo, and Euiwang, respectively.

Following, Sorae-eup, Suam-myeon, and Gunja-myeon were incorporated into Siheung, which initially consisted of 9 legal dongs(province s) and then 11 dongs(provinces) as Jungrim-dong(provinces) and Gwarim-dong(provinces) were later added in 1992.

the image of current Siheung-dong(province)

As the center of south-western Metropolitan area in the West Coast, Siheung is not only a garden city with comfortable residential districts but also a marine industrial city that perches at the center of Western Industrial Belt, which links Incheon International Airport and Pyeongtaek Harbor. Geographically speaking, Siheung is within the 30 kilometers radius of Seoul downtown area and Kimpo and Incheon International Airports.

Taking advantage of traffic networks formed by geographical conditions, such as Incheon International Airport and Harbor and a port slated to be newly established, Siheung will develop itself into a center of distribution markets. In addition, the city will transform itself into a high-tech, culture, leisure and tourist city through the development of huge land available.